Calibre blog
Calibre’s ideas on getting to customer insights that matter for marketers.

Why Choose Calibre?

We’re business people who think like analysts and analysts who think like business people.  You get …

  • Proof not conjecture – – very specific, actionable guidance from proven approaches on how to attract, keep and develop higher value customers cost-efficiently.
  • Business and technical capabilities to get valuable results fast – – extensive business and agency experience so the most productive questions get asked, and deep technical capabilities in tools such as predictive modeling, segmentation, on-line and off-line media mix optimization, message targeting, strategy development and dynamic performance measurement so answers can be developed quickly.
  • Efficiency – – able to complement your and your partners’ assets instead of replacing them.
  • Applied objectivity – – comprehensive and agnostic view of most effective and cost-efficient mix of channels and tactics to increase customer value.
  • Good humor – we temper serious work with a smile and a laugh – no small gift in today’s world.