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Puzzle Pieces - Problem Solved

Problem Solver

You have specific needs and want somebody to roll up their sleeves and work with you to get results fast.  We are completely objective – no obligation to specific channels, analytic techniques, software packages, media or creative.  Just what works.  These needs might include areas such as:

  • Develop a model that will predict which customers are likely to leave us and when
  • Use customer and channel partner satisfaction data to identify specific customers more likely to leave and what to do about it.
  • Optimize media spending for high value customers.
  • Tell us what’s working and not working across media channels.


You need somebody who understands analytics, business and media to help translate and integrate your data-driven customer development goals and tactics, so that Leadership, Marketing, Analytics, Market Research, Sales, IT, and your on-line and off-line agencies are complementing each other more.


Outsourced Analytics and Applied Insights Partner

This can take several shapes.  For example – –

  • You want to accelerate your progress in data-driven decision-making and prove the value before you ask for more internal resources.
  • You’re planning a systems overhaul, but it will take some time to come on stream.  We can serve as your external data mart and analytics arm so that you can get quick access to data as well as valuable input to improve your system design.
  • You’re a smaller company and don’t want to make a full investment in developing an in-house analytics and insights capability.  We can serve as that partner to you.